How it Works


The paperless application takes just 5 minutes.

You can complete the Payday Loan application in just five minutes to complete.
We ensure you privacy is protected by using secure (SSL) technology used by the major banks.

Confirm your cash advance

On the screen after the application form a clear breakdown of fees and a repayment schedule will be displayed. Once you are satisfied the cash advance suits your needs, simply confirm your cash advance.

Your employment details are confirmed

Before your first cash advance, your employment details are check to ensure you can afford to what you have applied for. You have two options – have us contact your payroll to avoid paperwork or you can go the old school way and fax in documents.

You get paid 60 minutes later

60 minutes later you’ll get an SMS and an email to confirm that your cash has been paid into your bank account. Your problem is solved.

Repay with direct debit

A direct debit is set up so that repayment happens automatically on your next payday. You don’t even have to think about it. Get your cash advance. Solve your problem. Payment is automatic so you can get on with your life.